Kauai, Hawaii | Mark Gvazdinskas


Kauai, Hawaii | Mark Gvazdinskas
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AU in which ned stark didnt go to cersei but immediately to stannis they join their forces and march against the lannisters, everyone is still alive and stannis gets the throne just like he is supposed to

Tom Felton and Evanna Lynch celebrate the grand opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Japan.

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“You can talk to them?”

Salazar jumped and jerked his head around. He had not heard her approach, had not realised that anyone was listening. A small snake with dull copper scales hissed as it darted back into the grass and out of sight.

Helga felt a flush of shame at having startled Salazar, but she could not swallow her curiosity. “You talk to them – and they understand? They talk back?”

He nodded, his expression still and guarded. “Yes. We have an understanding.”

She had not intended to eavesdrop on him. Though could it be called eavesdropping, when she could not decipher the words he was speaking?

Helga had been wandering through the sunlit forest when she heard it. A voice, first soft then harsh, twisted through the trees. She couldn’t understand the words which sounded slurred, strangled – but she recognised Salazar’s voice. It made no sense. Then she realised that he was speaking another language. Parseltongue.

Rowena had always been suspicious of Salazar’s alleged ability, calling it a ‘dark’ art. Helga wasn’t so sure.  “What were you saying to it?”

Salazar burst into a rare fit of laughter. “Do you honestly want to know what I was saying to a snake?” His amusement had melted away any feelings of awkwardness. “It is hard to describe. What they say - if you can put it that way - doesn’t translate exactly.” He shrugged. “If you must know, I was gaining its trust. When they trust, they obey. It’s a kind of affinity.”

Helga stared. “It’s… amazing,” she said, awestruck. “I would dearly love to be able to do the same.”

The smile slipped from Salazar’s face, but his expression was not unfriendly. “Would you?” he murmured.

She laughed. “Of course!” The sun had sunk low and the light that filtered through the trees was tinged red. “Come,” she said, turning back to the castle, “it grows dusk.”

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if we skyping best believe im looking at myself in that lil window not u

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“I don’t go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me.”

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make me choose → asked by ​ & 
↳ hermione  or ginny or luna

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Obviously I have insecurities and doubts. But I just have to do my best and be myself. And then hope that’s enough.


Obviously I have insecurities and doubts. But I just have to do my best and be myself. And then hope that’s enough.

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we all have that one band that when you listen to it it’s like talking to an old friend that has never let you down and somehow it makes everything better

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